EPAP Plan & Action

East Portland Action Plan

The East Portland Action Plan (EPAP) acknowledges community strengths and supports existing efforts, while looking strategically at opportunities to improve livability and at policies to address some of the challenges facing East Portland. The EPAP committee was convened by the City of Portland, Multnomah County, and now U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, for the specific task of providing “leadership and guidance to public agencies and other entities on how to strategically address community-identified issues and allocate resources to improve livability for neighborhoods in the East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) coalition area.”

 East Portland – generally east of Interstate 205, is a changing community that is home to 28% of the City of Portland population. Some of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the City of Portland are in East Portland and this growth is creating a transition from a suburban and semi-rural environment into a more urban community. People are moving to the area in part because of the supply of existing and new affordable housing and the reputation for high quality schools. Racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity has increased in recent years (surpassing that of other areas of Portland), offering exciting opportunities and the challenge of inclusive multilingual and cultural community building.

 Unfortunately, this rapid growth is straining the area resources: lack of sidewalks; insufficient road ways; inadequate community services; need for localized commercial main streets; and underdeveloped school facilities. The design and quality of new housing is sometimes inconsistent with the desired neighborhood character and livable environments for families. Parks and green space are less prevalent than in other parts of Portland and established facilities are often sorely underdeveloped.

To address the need for East Portland improvements will require creative thinking and action specific to this area that has developed differently and at times separately from the remainder of the City (e.g. sidewalks were historically not required with development; increased housing costs in inner-Portland have lead to displacement of families to the more affordable neighborhoods of East Portland).

We need YOU to make the improvements identified in the East Portland Action Plan become real in our community! 

Don’t ask what the Action Plan can do for you; decide that you will work with us to make the actions and strategies become a reality. The East Portland Action Plan group meets every fourth (4th) Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM in at the David Douglas School District, Board Room, 1500 SE 130th Ave., Portland, OR 97233 (at SE Marked between Division and  Stark). Food is provided and with one week notice, childcare and language interpretation will be provided. Lore Wintergreen, EPAP staff Advocate, can be reached at: 503.823.4035 or lore.wintergreen@portlandoregon.gov  

To help ensure equal access to City programs, services and activities, the City of Portland will reasonably modify policies/procedures and provide auxiliary aids/services to persons with disabilities. Call 503-823-4000 or the City's TDD at 503-823-6868, or the Oregon Relay Service at 1-800-735-2900 with such requests no less than five (5) business days prior to the event.

Together we can make the identified improvements become real:

The East Portland Action Plan (EPAP) was developed by the community for the community. Over an eight month process with the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, 268 action ideas were identified.The result is an Action Plan which contains Strategies and Actions that provide guidance and direction to public agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals to address the opportunities and challenges facing East Portland. Funding for future actions will be determined based on agency and community priorities and budget made available through your advocacy.

We have already shown success:

  • The Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s Graffiti Abatement Program directed resources to four targeted graffiti removal days in neighborhoods east of I-205
  • The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) used federal stimulus funds for new lighting on the I-205 multi-use path and got a $416,436 grant to partner with Friends of Trees to “green” the corridor by planting hundreds of trees.
  • EPAP representatives are now on several City of Portland Budget Advisory Committees, influencing how and where Portland’s money is spent.
  • Expanded storefront improvement program for businesses ($115,000)
  • Implemented Safe Routes to School + Traffic Safety improvements ($60,000)
  • Planning for 122nd Ave. to create a more convenient, walkable neighborhood ($30,000
  • Planning “Gateway Green” (I-205/I-84) development of public space ($45,000)
  • Hired an EPAP Advocate to support project implementation ($125,000)
  • $50,000 initiated a Powell Blvd. improvement planning project that was matched by a $330,000 ODOT grant


East Portland Action Plan

Table of Contents (for the abreviated Action Plan)

The following are strategies identified in the East Portland Action Plan – each strategy includes a set of action items to be addressed.

 Strategy                                                                          Page(s)

 HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT POLICY                                   5 – 6

 COMMERCIAL AND MIXED USE                                                  7

 TRANSPORTATION                                                                       8 – 10

 PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE AND UTILITIES                            11

 PARKS AND OPEN SPACE                                                           12 – 13

 NATURAL AREAS AND ENVIRONMENT                                     14



 PUBLIC SAFETY                                                                              19 – 20


COMMUNITY BUILDING                                                                  22 – 23

EQUITY                                                                                              24

EAST PORTLAND MAP                                                                   25