Awarded Grants

East Portland Action Plan (EPAP)

Current Grant Awards

The EPAP 2016 Civic Engagement Grant Program competitive grant allocation process received  16 grant applications for a total request of $109,753. In accordance with the direction and final criteria set by the EPAP Civic Engagement Subcommittee on April 21, 2015 and with selection by the EPAP Grants Review Committee on October 19, 2015, eight (8) projects were recommended for a total of $48,503  that  were approved by full consensus at the December 2, 2015 EPAP general meeting and approved by the City of Portland City Council on March 24, 2016.

In addition to requiring that the projects happen within the East Portland Neighborhood Office boundaries and predominantly serve residents and businesses within those boundaries, and address a City of Portland adopted Action Plan strategy or item, the EPAP Civic Engagement Subcommittee, established the following criteria: Experience with under supported race and ethnic culturally specific communities with language appropriate communication; Experience organizing community activities; Experience doing community involvement underrepresented cultural specific populations with language appropriate communication; Community building project that leads to more community involvement; Number of people to be directly involved in the project, the amount of project time spent with them, and description of engagement; Emerging organization with ten (10 or fewer employees and/or $250,000 or less operating budget; Ability to link to the existing services in the community tailored to the needs of under support race and ethnic culturally specific communities with language specific communications; Promotion of health and well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities; Involvement between multiple partners; and an Explanation of how the budget will support the project activities, including sources and use of matching and leveraged funds and donated hours and resources.

The EPAP Grants Review Committee would have liked to award every dollar requested and is very impressed by the creative and constructive projects available to grace our community when financial support is made available. Given the discrepancy between available funding and funding requests, the EPAP is proud to have funded projects to address the implementation of the Action Plan. Please see the attachments on this page identifying the grant awarded projects.